COVID-19 Response

March 19, 2020

Schedule + Cancellations:

  • Sunday Services: There will be NO in-person gatherings through the middle of April. We will be livestreaming on Facebook LIVE during our 9:30am service.

  • Holy Communion: Communion will be served every Sunday by reservation only, beginning at 10:30am. You must call or text to reserve your spot. Each table will consist of nine people, plus the Pastor, in order to remain in compliance with state and federal guidelines. The first table served will be at 10:30; second table at 10:50, third at 11:10, etc., until all are served. Each service will be followed by thorough disinfecting of the gathering space.

  • Wednesday Lenten Service: Like Sunday, there will be no in-person gathering for the remainder of March. We will broadcast on Facebook LIVE our 6:30pm service.

  • Kick, Confirmation, and Sunday School: All weekly programming and special events are cancelled through April.

  • Bible Studies: Romans Bible Study Thursday’s @ 10:30 AM VIA video conferencing. Click on this link or post in your web browser.


CHrist Lutheran will be livestreaming by Facebook LIVE through the middle of April at 9:30am.. These services will include music, prayer, and a sermon. If you need any help in accessing Facebook LIVE Elder Tim Bergevin will be happy to assist. You are able to stream the service from:


Though we will not be gathering in person, you are still able to give by sending a check to the church, or leave it in the offering plate when you commune. You may also give online securely by clicking this link or posting in your web browser:

How you can serve:

During this unique time, we have the privilege of caring for and loving one another! There are many people in our church family and community who will need our help in tangible ways. Will you consider loving and serving them? Here are a few ways to do just that:

  • Donate money or supplies: Are you willing to give out of your resources for others who may need it? There will be many people out of work and many food pantries that will be closed. Thus, we may be in need of canned goods, toilet paper, and non-perishable food to distribute to those in need.

  • Shopping Helpers: Those who are more vulnerable to the virus may request someone to do their shopping for them.

  • Facebook LIVE Assistant: Some of the congregation may not know how to use Facebook LIVE. We need a few individuals willing to assist Tim Bergevin in helping set this up for people.

  • Check in: Due to the many closures and cancellations, members of our congregation may appreciate a call and check-in. We need individuals wiling to reach out and determine the needs of our members.

If you are willing to serve in one of these ways, please contact Tim, or Daniel Rhody.

Need Help?:

This can be a very hard and troubling time! If you are in need of anything, please let us know. We are your church family and we deeply care about you. Please call the office at 715-723-8273.

COVID-19 Response

March 19, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We want to reach out and share some information regarding our congregation and the COVID-19 virus. First, we want to remind and acknowledge that this virus does not surprise or confuse God. Rather, God is still reigning and ruling despite the panic that is ensuing around us. As Christians, we are called to live not in fear but by faith. Also, we have the privilege of loving our neighbors in a very unique way during these days of anxiety and confusion. Christians should lead the way in sacrificial giving of time and resources, in checking in on one another, and in our confidence in God. We pray we emulate all of this as a church.

We also want to share with you the decisions the elders have made in regard to our services and ministries:

  • Christ Lutheran will not gather in person for Sunday or Wednesday worship. There will be NO Sunday School for adults or children. If you are elderly, immunocompromised, or in any way ill – please stay home! You will be able to livestream the service from your home device. Also, we are asking if you come to the church for any reason, please wash your hands, to refrain from shaking hands, and to respect each other’s personal space.

  • We will tentatively plan to gather again in person on April 5th, but will remain flexible as the details of the virus are in constant flux. This was a difficult decision and one we do not take lightly. We do not know whether the virus will impact the Chippewa Valley in a significant way or not, but we want to be good neighbors towards those who are especially vulnerable.

We encourage you to take advantage of Facebook LIVE technology at If you need any assistance in livestreaming from home, please contact Tim Bergevin. We would love to help you in this way. Please pray for our nation, its leaders, and our local community in the days ahead. We have an amazing opportunity to speak and live out the gospel to those who are anxious or worried. If you have any concerns or are in need of anything, please reach out the church. We will be in touch with any further changes or updates. We love you all and are praying with you!

In Christ,
Christ Lutheran Pastor and Elders


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