A Little Perspective

According to the Church calendar, we have just stepped through the door into the season of Pentecost. Pentecost is a time for growth, not only in our spiritual lives but the life of the Church.

An old friend teaches at a Lutheran seminary in Kenya, Africa. As I read his recent newsletter, I began to weep over how this little outpost keeps things straight. The Ministry of the Gospel is what drives them. Pastor Tom, my friend, was sent to a remote area when the Church learned that a group of Lutheran Christians had not received the Lord’s Supper in five years, because they are without a Pastor. So my friend made the journey to this area, and over 150 people showed up hungry for what the Lord had to give them. They gathered in a simple metal structure on a dirt floor, but that didn’t matter because the Lord had something to give them.


My friend went on to write about his visit to another Lutheran Church in Kenya that is being served by one of his former students. He wrote about the area being thoroughly Muslim, yet courageous Christians are bringing their neighbors to Christ. This congregation is meeting in a new facility because they have already outgrown the one they put up two-years ago. 17 people baptized into Christ, most of whom have converted from Islam.

When I hear and read how the Gospel is flourishing in areas like this because the people are hungry and share what they receive with their neighbors, it puts everything in perspective for me. Tears of joy begin to flow. A metal building with a dirt floor? It doesn’t matter to them; what does is eternal life delivered by the Gospel ministry

Dear friends in Christ, you are the light of Christ in this world of darkness. God in Christ Jesus has forgiven all your sins so you can now shine this light of forgiveness to your neighbor in this dark world. Nothing else matters.


Click the link above to see a beautiful report on this wonderful opportunity the Lord gave my friend and brother in Christ to care for God’s people, so hungry for the Gospel and the Lord’s Supper.


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